Infographic: Debunking 8 Myths of What It Is Like Living In A Sober Home

August 6, 2020  |   Posted In Home

Are you having a tough time trying to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol? You need a lot of dedication and will-power to get back to normal life. Staying in a sober living home for a few months can help you during the transition period. These homes are not rehab centers. There are considerable differences between the two. Unlike the perception of many people, they are well-maintained and have a warm atmosphere. They are not medical facilities and charge rent based on the facilities used by clients. There is a myth that family members are not allowed in sober homes. Family members play a vital role in helping individuals overcome addiction.

Some sober homes do allow pets. But you need to confirm this in advance.Sober living homes are also of different types like sober houses, sober apartments, halfway houses, etc. There are strict regulations against the use of drugs and alcohol within the premises of these homes. The safety of residents is the primary concern of owners of sober homes. To take a wise decision, check the safety features, rules and regulations carefully.

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