What Is Luxury Sober Living? What Is the True Goal of Luxury Sober Living Homes?

November 7, 2019  |   Posted In Home

Luxury Sober

Luxury sober living environments are essentially regular sober living environments, but take place in fancier homes. Luxury sober living homes have all the officials that one would expect in a regular sober living home, such as psychiatrists, trainers, meditation instructors, and other professionals. The difference is that the home is more spacious and comes with amenities and more comfortable living environments, with the purpose of the patients being able to heal more comfortably.

Defining “Luxury” In Sober Living

When we think of “luxury”, we typically think of spa treatments, Jacuzzis, and living arrangements just like what California’s finest can afford. But that isn’t really the case when it comes to sober living.

Luxury homes are not all the same across the board, however, and each institution might have their own definition of “luxury”. A “luxurious setting” to many a sober living environment East Bay offers can be considered basic rights that you don’t expect with a typical sober living environment. These can include more privacy and freedom to yourself, more gender-specific programs, more staff, and how you want to address your addiction to officials and other patients. Sometimes, “luxury” can just mean a roomier home overall, and with a certain number of occupants, it may not make a difference how much space you end up having.

“Luxury” can also mean a different kind of sober living rehab program entirely. One such type of rehab is aftercare. Aftercare allows patients to still be cared for by officials following their official program so that they can be sure that they maintain good emotional and mental health. Officials also tend to follow up with patients to see how they fare on their own. This is considered a luxury service that some patients are grateful to have.

Luxury living homes aren’t meant to be lavish or fun, but they can still offer better arrangements to patients in case they aren’t comfortable living in a normal living environment. While many rehab centers do try to intrigue patients with spacious and fun-looking environments in pictures, it’s the actual services that separates them from regular sober living programs.

Is Luxury Easier for Patients?

Regardless of what type of rehab a patient receives, rehab is always meant to be a challenge. Addiction can be classified as a brain disease, and despite this, officials always tend to dispute what addiction means. While some people think that some patients are “destined” for addiction, it actually can happen to almost anyone. It’s a series of events and circumstances that make addiction more likely, and each instance of addiction is linked to mental health, experiences, influence, and other factors.

We all have the chance of getting addicted, and thus, we all have different paths to recovery. Despite luxury sober living environments offering more to patients than other rehab programs, they still have to make sacrifices in order to progress through the program. This includes resisting temptation, choosing against their own wills and desires, and ignoring the urge to smoke, drink, or abuse drugs. Rehab is meant to be a large commitment in one’s life that takes time and diligence, and the right tools and resources for certain patients can be found anywhere, luxury or not.


To summarize, a luxury sober living home doesn’t mean rock star living and services, but it is meant to be an alternative way of sober living rehab that may be more tolerable for certain patients who need to recover in the best ways possible. If you feel that a luxury sober living home is right for you, you can consider multiple homes around your area.

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