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Infographic: Debunking 8 Myths of What It Is Like Living In A Sober Home

Are you having a tough time trying to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol? You need a lot of dedication and will-power to get back to normal life. Staying in a sober living home for a few months can help you during the transition period. These homes are not rehab centers. There are considerable differences between the two. Unlike the perception  …   Read More »

3 Benefits of Sober Living in San Jose

Recovery is a long journey for people who have been a victim of substance abuse. Many of them who return home after their recovery programs, may get back to their old routine. There are high chances that a person who was doing well in the recovery program gets succumbed to their old habits and fall prey to substance abuse once again. It could be due  …   Read More »

Tips to Choose a Sober Living Home

Sober living home is often the best step for people who completed rehab or relapsed recently. In these homes, you can get the support you need along with accountability and structure to stay committed to your path to recovery. However, with so many homes located all over the country, it can be challenging to find the best one that will take care of  …   Read More »

Explaining How Quitting Alcohol Allows You to Feel Better

It may feel almost impossible to quit drinking alcohol altogether, especially to those who have grown addicted to it. Alcoholics feel as if they cannot live without it, and they cannot imagine spending even a night without drinking. However, if one can manage to stop drinking and spend some time in sobriety homes for recovery, that individual will  …   Read More »

Infographic: 4 Things You Should Know About Living In Sobriety Homes

Sober living homes are safe havens for recovering addicts. The type of sober living home you choose determines the specific terms of the sober living arrangement. Here are some things you should know about sobriety homes while living. A sobriety home replicates normal life situation, and it helps in minimizing the chances of relapse. These homes provide  …   Read More »

What All To Consider When Choosing A Sober Living Home?

Substance abuse can take away a significant part of your life. And when you realise the harm it has done, it’s time to get sober. Whether you or a loved one wants to get rid of the addiction, make sure you choose the right sober living home to start a new life. There are some factors you should consider while looking for recovery homes. The recovery  …   Read More »

Four Important Things to Do If You Are Relapsing

It’s important for the recovery process to be healthy and seamless so that there is the smallest chance of relapse as possible. If a relapse were to occur, it might feel even worse to the patient than the original addiction. People who realize that they have relapsed feel that they have let themselves and their loved ones down, and that trying to  …   Read More »

What Is Holistic Therapy and How Does It Work for Patients?

Holistic therapy is one that the rehab industry is torn on. While the argument can be made that holistic therapies offer things that are missing in conventional therapies, the counter argument is that they therapies aren’t as effective. Regardless of the stance of holistic therapies, it is appearing as an option in more rehab centers and recovery  …   Read More »

Five Great Benefits of Being in A Recovery Home

Outpatient programs are one of the most common types of rehabilitation available. However, the intensity of these programs can really discourage many patients and can become overwhelming than helpful. Even if patients go through with an outpatient program, they can still feel vulnerable to relapse if they are not in the right environment. Instead,  …   Read More »