Four Important Things to Do If You Are Relapsing

December 31, 2019  |   Posted In Home

It’s important for the recovery process to be healthy and seamless so that there is the smallest chance of relapse as possible. If a relapse were to occur, it might feel even worse to the patient than the original addiction. People who realize that they have relapsed feel that they have let themselves and their loved ones down, and that trying to get on good terms with them will feel much harder than before.

However, it’s important to note that relapse isn’t really considered a sign that you have failed. It is rather a sign that what you tried didn’t work. Fortunately for relapse patients, they will often recover from relapse stronger than before with a greater resistance from addiction.

With this in mind, here are four tips for how to get through a stressful relapse period.

Recognize That You Have A Problem

It is extremely important to never ignore that your addiction is a serious matter. Denying that you have a problem to begin with can come back to haunt you. You might see your addiction as something that feels familiar and at home to you, but you are only continuing to live in peril should you continue. Instead, you must take your relapse for face value and see it as a challenge that must be overcome. What this means is that you should hold yourself accountable for your actions and take the steps to recover from your relapse.

Talk It Over

The first thing to do is to talk about your issues with the people who matter to you. Do not keep secrets. Keeping secrets will cause you to hold back your feelings of anxiety and shame. While a relapse can feel demoralizing, you are encouraged to talk about your problems to somebody that matters to you. The more you speak out to your family and peers, the more you are able to let go of these insufferable emotions. It’s okay that people make mistakes, and you wish to learn from your problems and solve them as soon as possible.

Don’t Bring Yourself Down

When acknowledging you have a serious addiction and have even relapsed from recovery, it can be very easy to feel down. However, you don’t need to. If you are looking to become better, then you certainly can do that once you accept what had happened. Acceptance does not mean you approved of what you had done, but rather you know what happened and that you do not want it to define you anymore. It’s for the best that in order to feel better, you have to act better. You can have power and control over your thoughts and actions, so you shouldn’t allow anything else to.

Consider Treatment Options

A relapse can be strenuous for patients, both physically and emotionally. Even if you have taken therapy and treatments before, you will need to find a program that can help you deal with your relapse. Man treatment options are available from inpatient and outpatient therapy to the most effective sober living Oakland has to offer. The more help you receive, the more your relapse can disappear with the right tools, resources, and help. You’ll also be working and living with other patients and professionals who know your hardships as much as you do, so treatment is always the best thing for patients suffering from addiction to choose.

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