Five Great Benefits of Being in A Recovery Home

November 7, 2019  |   Posted In Home


Outpatient programs are one of the most common types of rehabilitation available. However, the intensity of these programs can really discourage many patients and can become overwhelming than helpful. Even if patients go through with an outpatient program, they can still feel vulnerable to relapse if they are not in the right environment.

Instead, a patient suffering from substance abuse may need change in the form of a healthy living environment that can help them curb their drinking or drug habits. No matter if you are a young adult or an elderly person, there is never a bad time to try living in a recovery home if you feel your life is spiraling out of your control. Here are five great things about recovery homes to consider.


In a recovery home, patients know they can avoid being in stressful situations or being tempted with drugs and alcohol when not within program hours. Recovery homes also have curfews in which you need to return to the home after a certain time at night. If you were to get hurt or sick, these homes also offer all-day supervision to ensure nothing happens to you. Many of these homes are located near well-kept neighborhoods to keep living conditions great.

2. Accountability

To reiterate, recovery homes are substance and alcohol free plus there is also no porn or gambling allowed. With that said, patients are aware that they won’t be able to act out of line without consequences. Recovery homes are considered environments of trust, where being surrounded by staff and other patients is meant to be amicable more than intrusive.

3.Wellness and Nutrition

Many people with addictions do not prioritize in staying in shape. Many recovery homes, fortunately, can provide patients with balanced meals each day and this encourages proper fitness and exercise, so that patients can not only improve their physical health, but quickly get rid of stress from drug abuse and other factors.

Fitness is a common type of holistic treatment that allows alcoholics and drug addicts to recover in a fun and interesting way. If you are new to recovery homes, it can take a while to rebuild links to your spirit, mind, and body. An inpatient program coupled with holistic activities makes for an effective and enjoyable recovery period.

4. Support

For at least 12 hours a day, patients in recovery homes are working to become closer to sobriety. At the same time, it’s certainly a lot of support that each patient comes across. Many officials that work at recovery homes happen to be former recovery patients themselves. It also helps patients remain motivated during recover and discourages them from being isolated or alone. Furthermore, you live with other patients who are in the same boat as you, so you constantly receive support in many different forms.

5. Structure

Recovery patients often don’t know what they can do in their free time, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility to reverting to toxic alcohol and drug habits. Instead of this, recovery homes encourage patients to occupy their time productively, with self-care training, meditation, group activities, and/or community service in order to give patients a new direction and sense of purpose.

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