Explaining How Quitting Alcohol Allows You to Feel Better

April 30, 2020  |   Posted In Home

Feel Better

It may feel almost impossible to quit drinking alcohol altogether, especially to those who have grown addicted to it. Alcoholics feel as if they cannot live without it, and they cannot imagine spending even a night without drinking.

However, if one can manage to stop drinking and spend some time in sobriety homes for recovery, that individual will actually feel better as a whole compared to if they continue to drink.

Addiction may sound like the person who is addicted to something is happy or content at first, but in most cases, drinkers actually do not find joy in addiction; it is more like a dependency to them. Once that addiction stops, the person actually has a chance to feel better.

How Drinking Affects the Human Body

Many drinkers forget that alcohol is by no means healthy for them, even though having a drink can cause the body to become immune to certain diseases temporarily. But severe drinking and binge drinking are both dangerous. When somebody drinks too much alcohol, their body will need to work long and hard in order to process it. The liver is one of the organs most affected by alcohol, requiring a lot of energy in order to have the alcohol metabolized. The brain will also function irregularly and go numb. As for the heart and lungs, they’ll be pumping blood and air, respectively, at irregular speeds. The body isn’t meant to work like this, and if this becomes the new normal for the body, it will lead to several major complications.

For people who do not drink, they are generally much healthier. Since their bodies do not have to deal with toxic substances that come from alcohol, that energy that the body has can be used for other things. Both the brain and body will be able to work as intended, and at the highest performances.

How Quitting Makes One Feel Better

Drinking is known to help relieve one from stress, but there are consequences by drinking that greatly affects one’s mental health. Alcohol can prevent one from making the right decisions, or any decision for that matter.

Drinking also comes with undesirable feelings such as guilt and shame, so not only can addition not give you happy feelings, they could actually make you feel worse. These are feelings that one can experience even the following day, and experts call this a “moral hangover”. When you quit drinking, however, these are feelings that you will no longer experience on a regular basis.

How Long Does It Take to Feel Better After an Addiction?

The time it takes to feel better depends on the person. After the person quits an addiction from alcohol, the body can start to feel better within a few weeks. Alcohol does not stay in the body permanently, and even people who are addicted to alcohol can detox in less than a week. People who are looking to feel better from the effects of alcohol in the fastest way possible can do so by starting to eat a healthy diet.

The mental side of drinking, however, is not always simple to restore. If somebody who is addicted suffers from anxiety, that feeling will still be present after quitting, but getting rid of alcohol can guide them to becoming more stable mentally.


When a person quits drinking, they can feel better overall, in the body and mind. When a person no longer drinks, the energy in their body is not wasted on alcohol, and the brain can resume functioning properly.

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