5 Qualities To Consider When Looking For A Sobriety Home

September 21, 2019  |   Posted In Home

Finding a sober living environment East Bay would be vital in the journey as a recovering addict. And especially when transitioning from drug or alcohol abuse.

A research conducted by JAMA in 2014 estimated that between 40 to 60 percent of the overall recovering alcoholics revert within a year. On the other hand, up to 60 percent of recovering drug addicts will experience a relapse. This is according to research conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. And contrary to popular belief, relapse does not necessarily translate to failure in the recovery process.

To fully recover from drug and substance abuse, a lot of commitment, sacrifice, and a place such as a sober living environment East Bay are needed. You may ask why? It is only fair to note that relapses mainly occur when one is exposed to the environment or situations they were used to during substance abuse. A sobriety home is, therefore, the best solution for a recovering drug or substance user.
The following qualities make excellent sobriety homes;

1. Understanding what one is recovering from

Whether it’s you or your loved one, you would want a sobriety home that fully understands the drug or substance in question. Understanding means being fully acquainted with the chemical composition of the drug or substance in question and all the possible effects. Having this information will help in determining the best medication and the best therapy process or duration.

2. Professionalism

A sobriety home is in itself a hopeful place, what distinguishes an excellent sobriety home from one that is not, is professionalism. Professionalism plays a vital role in the recovery journey by choosing the right medications and therapy sessions, depending on the issue in question. The other aspect of professionalism that can not be ignored is the sobriety home’s staff, note the following points;

    • How the staff communicate with the clients/patients
    • Dress code of the staff

3. Supportive

Picture this; walking into a sobriety home that is hasty in instructing you what to do and probably entirely focusing on the possible negative consequences of drug or substance abuse. If you are thinking about how unhelpful such a sobriety home might be, then you are right. A proper sobriety home must, therefore, be a part of your journey, not a judgmental and a treatment process. By being supportive, the sobriety home will give you the urge or desire to push that extra mile, and before you know it, the process will be done.

4. Positive testimonials

Before settling on the best sobriety home, it would be vital to take your time and look at the testimonials. These are opinions from people who have successfully passed through the sobriety homes, and that should give you or your loved one the confidence to go through the process.

5. Broad network

Getting a sobriety home near you need not be a stressful situation. The benefit of this is that it helps you to successfully go through the entire process without worrying a lot about your location or other commitments or responsibilities.


Sobriety homes are a perfect way of kicking out those self-destructive habits, by factoring in the above points you should be able to get the best sobriety home near you.

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