3 Reasons to Stay at Sober Living Homes in San Francisco

September 29, 2020  |   Posted In Home

Sober living is the ultimate way to live your life and stay happy and healthy. If however, you get yourself in a mess by getting involved in addictions, you must know that there is always a solution. Sober living homes in San Francisco is what you must consider while fighting the substance abuse battle. While most addicts enroll themselves in support groups and other programs, a sober living home ensures that you don’t fall prey to your old habits. Sober living homes have many facilities and services to ensure that you recover quicker and have got all the help you need. Sobriety homes take care of your diet, exercise regime and have support groups to ensure that you get back to being healthy and stay that way for life. There are more than one benefits of getting yourself enrolled in a sober living home.

  1. There are no Distractions

Sober living homes in San Francisco ensure that you are not tempted to get that drink or inject yourself with any syringes. They have a no-drug and no-alcohol policy, and you are always under scrutiny wherever you go and whatever you do. Sometimes, when you are getting into the sober phase of your life, the tough situations in your life won’t let you do so. For example, if you have an abusive partner or a group of alcoholic friends, you will always give in to the temptation and resort back to your bad habits. However, when you are in a sobriety home with people who are fighting the same battle, you are encouraged to adapt to a new and healthy lifestyle.

  1. You are always Under Watch

There are guards assigned to each person in a sober living home to keep a check on you. They make sure that you strictly follow the rules and guidelines with sincerity. If you end up breaking a rule or go against the management, the guards will be very strict with you. For example, if you skip the therapy sessions and oversleep in the morning, you are asked to wash everyone’s clothes. There is no sparing or favoring for anyone, and their ultimate goal is to bring back your lost discipline. This is not possible when you are in your home as there will always be distractions that will come during your sobriety journey.

  1. It Helps you Get Fitter

Too much alcohol and drugs only end up abusing your body and making it unfit. Sober living homes ensure that you gain back that confidence and get fitter with a regular exercise routine and a balanced diet. Once you become fitter, it will also affect your mental health in a positive way, and you will take more interest in the little joys of life. For example, a healthy body means a better and calmer mind that will ask you to look for happiness inside you and not in alcohol or drugs. There are different workouts like aerobics, weight training, yoga and cardio that will help you lose weight, get fitter and gain confidence.

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