How Does Alcohol Deplete The Body Of B and C Vitamins?

When a person tries to recover from alcoholism, the body undergoes some major changes from within. Alcoholics experience deficiencies in key vitamins, and due to the lack of these vitamins, they often notice irritating symptoms as they continue to drink actively. These symptoms include inflammation of the skin, lethargy, dehydration, depression, and  …   Read More »

Why Eating Healthy Is Important for Staying Sober?

People that are addicted to drugs or alcohol can experience terrifying effects on the body, mind, and soul. Many people who are addicted to substances prioritize less on eating a balanced diet and nutrition goes to the wayside. This can be due to substances such as cocaine or meth causing the user to lose his or her appetite. Opiates can also lead  …   Read More »

How Does Your Body Take Care of the Alcohol You Drink?

Everyone’s ability to metabolize alcohol is different. When you consume alcohol, you only lose two to eight percent of it through perspiration, saliva, urine, and breath. The other 92 to 98 percent of it goes through a long process from your digestive system to your liver. Firstly, alcohol travels the digestive system, some of the alcohol will continue  …   Read More »

Infographic: 4 Unique Benefits of Sobriety

Want to get rid of your addiction to drugs and alcohol? The benefits of a sober life far outweigh the pleasures of drinking and getting high. Once you adopt a life of sober living in Berkeley, you will feel much better than before. Your self-esteem and confidence will also receive a big boost. One of the major benefits of sobriety is that you will  …   Read More »